5 Awesome Link Building Strategies for 2017

5 Awesome Link Building Strategies for 2017

A solid SEO strategy includes building links that will give your site exactly wh...

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

The marketing world has changed dramatically. Before, marketers will conduct house-to-house campaign the whole day to inform about their products and services. Now, you can display...

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

Blog, Google AdWords

The marketing world has changed dramatically. Before, marketers will conduct house-to-house campaign the whole day to inform about their products and services. Now, you can display your products and services anywhere on the Internet, reaching thousands of people per second.

Google AdWords are among the pioneers of paid online advertising. It will allow you to create and run ads for business in Google’s search results.

Thousands of small, medium and large organizations are grateful for this advertising system, bringing them success.

When used properly, Google AdWords is really an effective marketing tool.

Here are five reasons why you should use Google AdWords now!

AdWords Increases Leads And Customers

Google Analytics is a very effective tool for lead generation. If you set your campaigns properly, it will send extremely targeted leads to your website, opt-in form or other online property.

Google AdWords reaches the people who are searching for what you have to offer. You can also use its keyword suggestion tool to know the amount of traffic for any given keyword.

Through this ad system, you can continually refine your searches to those who want to buy your products and services and send them to your website.

AdWords Is Flexible And Measurable

Any business, small or big, whatever their products and services are, can use Google AdWords as this is an extremely flexible platform.

It also has customizable options that can be used to specific keyword match types and ad extensions. You can also narrow your audience, leverage your display network or gain access to non-search sites.

AdWords is one of the most measurable of online channels. It is more transparent in providing PPC metric that portrays what works and what does not.

AdWords Is Faster Than SEO

AdWords is instant. Unlike SEO, it takes months for you to notice any results, as competitions also strive hard to achieve a high ranking.

Once you start your AdWords campaign, ads will immediately appear and will get instant impressions and clicks.

AdWords Guarantees High Return On Investment

AdWords only asks you to pay for ads people click on. Once you optimize campaigns, you can get a high return on your investments which may be impossible to achieve with other marketing platforms.

You also do not have to waste time and money on finding what’s going to work. AdWords transparency provides you a clearer picture and readily available information that will give you the best results so that you can continue to test and track your campaigns.

When you find the best areas of your campaign, focus your efforts and budget on them to achieve a higher return on investment.

AdWords Traffic Is Better

Organic traffic still remains great. However, there is some evidence that paid search traffic converts better than organic traffic – with up to two times higher conversion rates.

This may be because paid search traffic is more targeted and qualified. However, this does not work in all businesses. Conversion rates vary by industry.


More and more advertisers are using Google AdWords. According to Moz, 80% of search results contain AdWords ad placements. This just means that businesses entrust their success to Google AdWords now…which really actually delivers.

5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist

5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist

Article Writing, Blog, SEO

Selling your content starts with your title. The title provides readers an overview of what your article is most likely about. It also represents your content in search engines, in emails, and on social media.

It is really important that your title is catchy. No matter how much time and research you have invested in your article, but if the title sucks, it will never get read and ranked.

Here are the five easy steps to write catchy headlines your readers can’t resist.

Start With A Working Title

No pressure. Start with a draft. You don’t have to automatically generate an award-winning title.

Think about your topic and your content. Do not worry about making your title sound so creative. Just be specific so that you’ll know where your article is heading.

You can start with titles like:

  • Writing Blog Titles
  • Creating Best Headlines

Answer Their Question

As a random person on the Internet searching Google, she wants to answer her question in mind.

How to write the perfect title for my blog? What are the steps? Are their formulas? Can anyone give me tips to make an award-winning headline?

As a writer, you should anticipate what the readers want to know. Of course, readers want to know the appropriate procedure on how to come up with the best title.

Answer their question by providing them:

  • Steps
  • Ways
  • Advice
  • Guide
  • Formulas

State The Benefits

Let your readers know that when they follow your answer, they will earn benefits. Make sure that these benefits are what they really need. The benefits should be personal. Talk to them.

However, do not put any random benefit that your readers could actually not get. Be sure that these are real, backed by personal experiences, science, or any proof.

In the case of writing titles, you can apply these:

  • Formulas in Writing Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist
  • Guide in Writing Headlines That Will Get You More Traffic

Correct Grammar And Punctuation

Make an impression that your content is credible through correct grammar in your titles. Your title is what your readers read first. Grammar is a factor in their decision whether to read further or not.

Punctuations can be a good add-on as well. But there are certain special characters that you should avoid. Do not use “&”, “<”, “>”, “@” and even “#”.

The acceptable symbols are ““, “:”, “?” and “!

Keep It Short And Straight

This is one the most important. Probably some of you believe that the more creative words you add to your title, the more it will attract readers. Actually, lengthy titles annoy and confuse readers.

Just keep it short and straight.

In a study, headlines with eight words had a 21% higher click through rate. On Twitter and Facebook, titles with 8 to 12 words are most liked, shared and retweeted.

So instead of 17 words:

“Want to Attract More Readers? Here Are 10 Steps How To Write Catchy Headlines And Blog Titles”

Shorten it to 11 words:

“5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist”


There are many styles and techniques on how to write catchy headlines. If you want to increase more traffic, consider applying SEO keywords. Just always remember that your title represents your content. It shouldn’t fail you!

6 Effective Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

6 Effective Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Blog, Email Marketing, SEO

Checking our email is probably one of the first things we do in the morning. We want to check if we receive emails from our colleagues or even newsletters from our favorite products and service providers.

Email marketing has been seen as an effective tool to reach audiences more personally. Each day, 269 billion emails are sent. 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers use email regularly.

However, we cannot deny that there’s a lot of competition for attention. So, here are 7 steps on how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Create Attractive Optin Forms

We need a list of people on our email list to run a successful email campaign. One of the easiest ways is to generate more attractive optin forms on our site.

Optin forms are being completed by users who acknowledge interest in our products and services. There are different types of optin forms including welcome gates, lightbox popups, and exit-intent popups that are proven effective in grabbing users’ attention.

Build Up An Email List

Apart from subscribers who filled-up optin forms, there are other ways on how to develop a sizeable email list, depending on your online and offline marketing strategies.

Upon building your email list, you need to classify them into multi subgroups according to their personality, interests, and buying behavior, as well as how many times they want to receive newsletters.

Craft Your Subject Line And Copy

The subject line plays a crucial role in email marketing because it gives the impression to readers whether to click and open your email. Make it direct-to-the-point, personalized and engaging.

For the email marketing copy, create a hook that will catch the interest of the reader. Make it personalized by addressing their name. Do not pitch your offer too early. You can delve into them by writing personal stories that they can relate to. Make them want to finish reading everything.

Professional Email Marketing Design

If your email layout and design look terrible, it will reflect your company so bad. Your design is also a factor that will make them stay in your email.

Make it look professional!

Use responsive email templates suitable for phone, tablet, and desktop use.

Get Whitelisted

Use reputable email service to make sure your email lands in their inbox, not the spam.

You can also get whitelisted to ensure that your email gets delivered properly. Getting whitelisted allows you to be marked as a friend, in which you will be added to their address book.

Use Analytics to Make Improvements

A more efficient and cost effective way to know the performance of your email is by using analytics. The three main analytics is the open rate, click through rate and number of unsubscribers.

Through analytics, you can access the number of unopened emails, the percentage of readers going to your offer, and the people who canceled their subscription, among others.


Email marketing is in fact undead. It is thriving to be still one of the most effective marketing tools in the internet world. You just have to be strategic to win the campaign.

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4 Amazing Annual SEO Conferences around the World

4 Amazing Annual SEO Conferences around the World

Blog, SEO Conferences

In the world of SEO, the community is rather small, which makes networking and connections matter in the industry. Attending annual SEO conferences is an excellent way to reach potential clients and create relationships with people in the industry and develop beneficial communities.

SEO Conferences are also vital for staying on top of the latest trends, strategies, and tips to help increase traffic. So, what are the best must-attend events in the industry? Here are four amazing annual SEO conferences around the world.


Moz is one of the most popular events that are held for knowledgeable leaders in the SEO industry. The MozCon event is an excellent opportunity to create networks and built relationships with other professionals in the field.

MozCon is geared towards experienced digital marketers that move way beyond the essentials of SEO techniques. The primary goal of the MozCon event is to bring awareness to new strategies and tips that SEO professionals can use to improve conversions and business.

Inbound Conference

The annual Inbound Conference is focused on inbound marketing, which combines technology and commercialization in a light atmosphere. The conference also gives attendees the opportunity to build relationships and network without inbound marketers and giants such as Hub Spot’s Dharmesh Shah, Brian Halligan, and Seth Godin.

The event is sponsored by Hub Spot, making the perfect opportunity to gain access to knowledge of sessions, certification courses, and networking events with the biggest leaders in inbound marketing.

SMX Advanced

Most SEO conferences are focused on internet marketing professionals who are still starting out in the industry. That is not the case at SX Advanced. The event is geared towards an audience that is comprised of experienced professionals in web marketing, which allows the conference to skip all the basic sessions of SEO tactics and move towards advanced strategies.

The SMX Advanced conference provides a useful outlet for SEO professionals to connect and join in with the event’s discussions on the latest trends in the search marketing world. It is a great place to learn more techniques build connections with other experts in the industry that can help to create a stronger SEO community.


Ad:tech is an annual event that is held in eight countries all over the world to cover the constantly-changing landscape of advertising and SEO technology. The conference is held for marketers, agencies, brand strategists and publishers as ad:tech helps you navigate through the changes of the leading technology structures and help you to stay ahead of the game so that you can provide a higher advantage for your brand.

The primary goal is to build relationships with experts in the industry, educate the local Adtech community and discuss the latest ideas in an enjoyable environment.


Attending SEO conferences are critical in this industry. With so many events held every year, you could spend an entire year networking with other SEO experts and learn more about SEO techniques.

Have you attended any of these conferences? Do you have a favourite SEO event that we missed? Comment below and let us know!

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Implementing Structured Data on Your Site

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Implementing Structured Data on Your Site

Blog, Structured Data

Structured Data is meant to help search engines understand what the content is. It will allow users to see the value of a website before they even visit the page as valuable data is displayed on the SERPs.

While Google’s algorithm is quite complex for simple readers, it often tends to misunderstand what category the content is assigned to. In that case, not using structure data will put the site at the right of overlooking nearly 85% of the data.

Here are four reasons why you should start implementing structured data on your site.

Structured Data Helps the Search Engine Help You

Today’s search engines are relatively modern and can help you find relevant and valuable information that you’re looking for. While your content is relevant and provides values for your readers, keep in mind that search engines function differently than humans.

While they may appear similar, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t follow the same rules or patterns as the other. This is due to structured data. The term refers to the format and structure in an understandable way that allows search engines to format, filter, and refine search engine results for increased clarity and accuracy.

Structured Data Uses Helpful Tools and Resources

When it comes to search engines, they have provided adequate tools and resources for others to understand the concept of structured data markups and how to best use it.

For example, Google has a structured data testing tool and markup helper that helps provide useful insights into different URLs and markups as well as show you how to update your site.

Structured Data Provides Multiple Opportunities

The value of structured data provides multiple opportunities you can use on your pages. The most popular form of structured data is the Microdata, which is a collaborative initiative of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The second type of structured data is RFDa, which uses some different features and properties such as HTML tags to describe and assign information. This method is best used for advanced webmasters as it is the most sophisticated method.

The easiest method of structured data is the JSON-LD. It is a lightweight linked data format that is easy for humans to read and write.

Structured Data is an Important Part of the Web Ecosystem

Structured data is used to highly the specific types of content in search results as sites do their job by marking their content with standard formats and schemes. Web sites have a limited understanding of web page content that identifies the keywords.

Let’s say you have a site that talks about Apple. The search engine would identify the keyword Apply, but would not be able to determine if the site is about the actual fruit for the brand.

This is where structured data comes in. The information stored in structured data is used to generate rich snippets, which are the extra bits of information that show up on the search result.


It is critical to understand that importance of implementing structured data on your site as it will increase the page’s visibility in search engine results. Consider these top four reasons why you should start implementing structured data on your site.

6 Questions You Should Ask Any SEO Company Before Hiring Them

6 Questions You Should Ask Any SEO Company Before Hiring Them

Blog, SEO

Before you hire an SEO Company, it is crucial to ask the right questions to help build the success of your website. The process doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know the right questions to ask.

Here are six questions you should ask any SEO company before hiring them.

Experience: May I have a list of references of your current and past clients?

Any reputable SEO company should be open to sharing their list of present and former clients along with their project sales and contact information. The references would help you determine just how effective the SEO company is as well as very if they did work on the specific projects they take pride.

While former clients may not always be able to provide accurate analytics, they should be able to provide information on their impact on the search ranking, especially in gaining and audience and conversions.

Does your company abide by Google’s practices and guidelines?

You will want to choose a company that strictly follows the webmaster guidelines and practices, which prohibits 12 SEO tricks, such as automatically generating spam content and adding hidden text and links.

If the consultant working on your site does not follow those types of guidelines, your site will be dismissed to a small ranking result. Or worse, Google may even ban it from the search results.

Can you guarantee that my website will become the #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

If their answer is yes, turn around and walk away. A reputable SEO company will not give promises of high expectations as it is impossible to guarantee a number one ranking on all search engines. Consider their answer as a red flag, especially if they claim to have an inside relationship with any search engine that will get your priority ranking.

Will you share the changes to my site with me?

SEO will usually require some changes and adjustments to your existing web page coding. This means it is important to know exactly what the company plans to do and how many web pages will be needed. If you want the candidate to get your permission before accessing and changing your web page code, be sure to let them know.

How will be communicated and how often?

The styles and standards of SEO company’s customer services will vary per group. You will need to find someone who can fit your needs and create a positive approach.

Ask the company how they prefer to handle communication. Do they prefer to talk in person, via Skype, phone, or email? Find out how often they plan to reach out with status updates.

What happens when the contract expires?

When the contract expires, or you decide to terminate it early, you must still be in complete ownership of the optimised web content you paid. You will want to ensure that the contract states exactly what happens when you part ways as this will not change to remove any content they might have added, optimised or modified.

Got any other questions you think website owners should ask before hiring an SEO company? Comment below and tell us what you think!



5 Key Differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

5 Key Differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

Blog, SEO

The differences between white hat and black hat SEO relates to the techniques that are used to improve the search engine ranking for a website or page.

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is the process of how a site can improve the quality of traffic that enters. The higher ranking the site has, the more visitors the site will gain. SEO helps to determine the ranking based on principles. However, there are differences between white hat and black hat SEO when applying the principles.

So what are the differences? Here are five key differences between white hat and black hat SEO.


White hat SEO refers to the use of practising proper methods to achieve high rankings in the search engine. It conforms to the designs of the search engine without the use of deception. The White hat will comply with all aspects of the search engine guidelines.

However, Black Hat SEO refers to the attempts to improve the rankings in ways that are not entirely approved by search engines. It uses techniques to get search rankings in an inappropriate manner. Black hat SEO goes against the principles of the current guidelines of the search engine.

Features and Techniques

White Hat SEO techniques are used to create content for users rather than search engines. The primary goal is to promote easier accessibility. It focuses on relevance and readable content that is both well-structured and well-written for those who plan to read it.

Black hat SEO techniques to include characteristics that go against the rules and regulations of search engine guidelines. This means that it creates a poor user experience with unethical content is non-visual and visual ways to search engine and human users.


White hat SEO not only follows the SEO guidelines but also aims to ensure that all content that is indexed by search engines is also the same content that users will see. Meanwhile, black hat SEO goes against the approved search engine guidelines.


White hat SEO focuses on building relevant inbound links from only trust sources as well as cross-link pages that are placed internally in areas where claimed appropriate. Black hat SEO includes doorway and cloak pages, keyword stuffing, hidden texts and links, link farming, and comment spam.


Black hat SEO practices may be known to help produce quick results for the page but also has a higher risk of penalty if Google discovers the site breaking the rules. It is a short solution to fixing the long-term issue of building organic search traffic.

With White Hat SEO, the practices may take longer than black hat SEO but will lead to long-term quality results.


SEO is considered to be made up of half art and half science. The wide range of opinions among experts vary, however, most agree that using white hat SEO techniques will take longer to improve search rankings. The combination of good content, appropriate keywords and smart marketing will provide lasting results.

Do you use white hat or black hat SEO for your website or web page? What do you prefer to use? Comment below and let us know what you think!

How to Install a CGI Script – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Install a CGI Script – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Blog, CGI Script

Looking to install CGI scripting? This complete beginner’s guide is used for those with minimal experience to install CGI scripts. We will cover the full guide to installing CGI scripts and how to get you started.

What is a CGI script?

Short for Common Gateway Interface, CGI is a small, software program that offers a reliable way for web servers to communicate within the browser. This program provides communication in ways that is not possible through HTML by itself.

With more CGI scripts are written in Perl, it is a common programming language that is used to produce CGI scripts. A Perl script is a standard text file that is written in Perl language with a .cgi extension. These are server-side scripts that are executed with the output of the shown script on the browser.

Key facts you should know…

Check Support

Before you look for characters, check to see if the web host supports the site and if you have the authority to use them. Some hosts don’t allow it. If you see a folder called CGI-bin when uploading HTML files, then you may be allowed to use GCI scripts.

On the other hand, some hosts will allow you to request that they produce a CGI-bin for you as it is not always provided by default. Other hosts may want to test and approve scripts before giving you the permission to use them.

Use a Text Editor

While you won’t have much to edit, you will still need a text editor to write the script based on your website needs. If anything, a text editor will work better than a word processor as a word processor will add formatting to the file and break the script. Whichever you plan to use, it is important that you can save the file as a plain text.

Find an FTP Program

You will need an FTP program, which comes with the variety of a commercial Pro version or a free lite version. Either option will work as long as it is uploading in ASCII mode. Use common sense to help you get through the installation as CGI can be time-consuming and frustrating.


If you have your CGI-bin, there’s a good chance that there may also be a CGI script. You can find out by looking at your web host’s FAQ page, site’s control panel, support documents, or set-up message. One of the most common errors for webmasters is installing CGI scripts with a wrong path.

Check Script for Instructions

If you’ve already got the script open to use the path must be correct or else the server will not work. While you’ve got the script open, check for feedback regarding any variables that require configuring. Occasionally, you may find more than one. Comments are lines that begin with # – the pound sign.


Once you have determined the script for the server, it is time to upload the CGI script. When it comes to uploading the CGI scripts, be sure to use them in ASCII mode. As the CGI script is a text file, it must only be loaded in ASCII mode. Technically, the scripts can be executed from any directory as most hosts will allow it from the CGI-bin. After you upload the script, you are not finished. You must use the correct permission for the files the CGI script uses.

Understand the Appropriate Permission for Files

There are three types of data access with three different permissions per group. The UNIX servers will allow you to set different access levels. While you don’t have to thoroughly understand this step necessarily, it is important to know what permissions the script has.

Image by


Group – the group consists of added users on the server. You will be allowed to remove their permission when necessary.

User – the user group only consists of the file owner in the group – which is your hosting account.

Other – this group consists of all other aspects on the server.


Read – this allows users the ability to read and understand the data given in the file.

Write – the write permission will allow users the ability to transcribe and write a new date and remove old data from the archive.

Execute – the execute permission will allow users the ability to submit the file, only when the program or script is executable.

Ensure that your script will work before linking for public use. If the script is broken, it can cause the user’s device to skip four years.


What is the Purpose of the Index.php File and When to Use it?

What is the Purpose of the Index.php File and When to Use it?

Blog, Index.php File

Wondering what the index.php file is for? The index.php is a PHP file that is the entry point of any website and application. It is a file used for templates that contain a mixture of codes that will be delivered as a PHP code. It will also be modified before delivery as the system will be used by anyone with a simple HTML website.

Purpose of the Index.php File

The index.php file should be minimal as possible as it will be re-sent every single time you load a new page. The elements must be delivered in CSS files saved in the user’s cache.

The PHP engine allows you to create dynamic pages as PHP also reads HTML. This allows you to save an HTML file with the PHP extension and upload the file to the new server.

Once the service is up, you can upload the file to your server and indicate the new default web page as the new PHP file. The default web page will open when you navigate through a new domain without the specified web page.

When to Use Index.PHP

First, you must decide on the PHP extension when you plan to use a PHP code in the file. The code is anywhere between <?PHP or ? with the closing of ?> tag.

When a PHP code is not needed, you can opt for the .html extension. This is usually used when the .php extension has used that server that it must interpret the process of filing before the action is sent to the browser destination. It is the interpreter that will replace all the provided content within the <?php and ?> by the PHP code’s correct output.

However, when you use the PHP extension as a signal to the server, the PHP code process is configurable. There are also file extensions that you can also consider. If you type only the URL path without the given filename, it should look like this: http : //

The extensions order of which the web server searches for in an index may contain certain index documents.

For example, the Apache configuration may content single sections like:

<IfModule mod_dir.c>



This means that index document will be searched. If you incorporate the index.php and index.html within the same gold and the configurations, the index.html will always be sent through the same server.

You have the option to use index.php or the index.html. The only thing you must take care of is the PHP as well as any other language for side scripting of the server and make your website dynamic. For a login page, you can also use it as an index.html

As a beginner, it is important to keep in mind that it does not hurt your website if you plan to serve each page as a .php. Not only will using one contain solely static HTML, but Apache is quick to help any .php. You will find that php benefits your site that will allow you to create simple templates. For instance, section header and footers can be written in a single file and followed by the rest of the web pages.

The Apache server does requires a file with the .php extension. However, you may also configure the server by adding one line to the configuration file. Using a file with any PHP code extension will allow you to edit the apache and support the php also with an HTML extension.

The front controller (index.php) will ensure that everything is common within the entire site and handled correctly, regardless of which page you choose. If there are other 50 different PHP files, the site will become difficult to manage. With just a single file, you can edit it in a single place. However, with more than 50 entry points, you will need to change every single one of them to update the code.

Simply speaking, you can access the index.html file easily and get the data given. However, with the index.php, it can be difficult to access when you are unsure of what you’re looking for. For a simple index application, go for index.html. But if you want a large and protected application, choose index.php.

The 10 SEO Blogs Every Search Marketing Professional Should Read

The 10 SEO Blogs Every Search Marketing Professional Should Read

Blog, SEO, SEO Blogs

Search Marketing Professionals need to know what it takes to stay ahead of the game and in the competition. SEO blogs help SEO beginners, and experts meet terms and assist you with learning the full aspects of SEO. With that, we have narrowed down our list of favorite SEO blogs that will benefit the reader.

Here are the top 10 SEO blogs every search marketing professional should read.

SEO Book

SE0 Book is the blog of one of the largest names in the SEO industry, Aaron Wall. SEO book is a well-respected source for SEO information and education. You will find posts regarding updates on search engines that affect rankings and trends that provide commentary on the evolution of online marketing.

The Backlinko SEO Blog by Brian Dean

As founder of Backlinko, Brian Dean runs the traffic generation business that focuses building quality links, SEO knowledge, conversions, and content marketing. Brian Dean has helped countless businesses increase their ranking and search traffic just by using his particular strategies that you won’t hearable elsewhere.


ClickZ is a large hub blog that provides useful information on the latest news and trends to help digital professionals stay on track and in the know of what is happening in the world of SEO. As an online publication, ClickZ is also the largest resource of information, interactive news, advice, research, opinion, and reference in the online world.

GrowthHackers SEO

Growth Hacks is the premier site for SEO collaboration and growth. Here you can get inspired to build an effective strategy and growth marketing programs for your SEO needs. The SEO category offers some of the best tips and advice that will help you achieve a higher rank and bring in more traffic.

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable provides an excellent research on search engines and marketing from various segments of web traffic and users. The mission of this blog is to provide readers with a single, yet powerful source of information to find more interesting threads based on SEO. Search Engine Roundtable reports on the most recent and latest threads that take place in Search Engine Marketing, SEM forums.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal covers the aspects of marketing with daily tips and information regarding SEO expertise. SEJ offers in-depth guides and tutorials on how to achieve successful SEO, news, reports, observational content, argumentative content and trends written by expecting guest writers. The site focuses on SEO, social media, digital marketing, content marketing, as well as paid research. You will find at least five to ten articles posted daily, so be sure to subscribe and gain the most benefits.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch was created for readers to share their knowledge and expertise on SEO. SWE provides useful tips and information regarding successful web search, SEO analysis, information on the industry and guidance on helping site owners improve their ability to find direct links on search engines. Readers can also upload pictures and videos from SEO conference and connect with other SEO masters around the world.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land offers daily news regarding search engine optimization trends. Here you will find news and trends on paid search advertising, search marketing, and search engine optimization plus advice, tips, tactics, expert knowledge and guides on how to achieve successful search results.


Niel Patel is not only an SEO expert but also the founder of Kissmetrics & Quicksprout. As the best in the field of search engine optimization, he shares his practical advice and results that come out of technique used personally by him through experience. Patel has helped countless companies like NBC, Amazon, Viacom, HP and GM increase their revenue. He is also considered as one of the top influencers on the web and top 10 online marketers according to Forbes.

The Moz Blog

Based in Seattle, Washington, Moz, the search engine optimization company offers a blog hub for search marketers to give helpful insight and knowledge. It is a free web tool that can check page authority, domain authority, and root domain. The blog provides useful tools, education services and resources for marketers. It is run by the industry’s top experts that offer the best insight, research, guides, and advice to help you level up on your SEO marketing skills.

Keeping your SEO knowledge sharp with all the right tools with help you with the latest industry content and build your marketing expertise.


5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

The marketing world has changed dramatically. Before, marketers will conduct house-to-house campaign the whole day to in...
5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist

5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist

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6 Effective Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

6 Effective Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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4 Amazing Annual SEO Conferences around the World

4 Amazing Annual SEO Conferences around the World

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