5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist

Selling your content starts with your title. The title provides readers an overview of what your article is most likely about. It also represents your content in search engines, in emails, and on social media.

It is really important that your title is catchy. No matter how much time and research you have invested in your article, but if the title sucks, it will never get read and ranked.

Here are the five easy steps to write catchy headlines your readers can’t resist.

Start With A Working Title

No pressure. Start with a draft. You don’t have to automatically generate an award-winning title.

Think about your topic and your content. Do not worry about making your title sound so creative. Just be specific so that you’ll know where your article is heading.

You can start with titles like:

  • Writing Blog Titles
  • Creating Best Headlines

Answer Their Question

As a random person on the Internet searching Google, she wants to answer her question in mind.

How to write the perfect title for my blog? What are the steps? Are their formulas? Can anyone give me tips to make an award-winning headline?

As a writer, you should anticipate what the readers want to know. Of course, readers want to know the appropriate procedure on how to come up with the best title.

Answer their question by providing them:

  • Steps
  • Ways
  • Advice
  • Guide
  • Formulas

State The Benefits

Let your readers know that when they follow your answer, they will earn benefits. Make sure that these benefits are what they really need. The benefits should be personal. Talk to them.

However, do not put any random benefit that your readers could actually not get. Be sure that these are real, backed by personal experiences, science, or any proof.

In the case of writing titles, you can apply these:

  • Formulas in Writing Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist
  • Guide in Writing Headlines That Will Get You More Traffic

Correct Grammar And Punctuation

Make an impression that your content is credible through correct grammar in your titles. Your title is what your readers read first. Grammar is a factor in their decision whether to read further or not.

Punctuations can be a good add-on as well. But there are certain special characters that you should avoid. Do not use “&”, “<”, “>”, “@” and even “#”.

The acceptable symbols are ““, “:”, “?” and “!

Keep It Short And Straight

This is one the most important. Probably some of you believe that the more creative words you add to your title, the more it will attract readers. Actually, lengthy titles annoy and confuse readers.

Just keep it short and straight.

In a study, headlines with eight words had a 21% higher click through rate. On Twitter and Facebook, titles with 8 to 12 words are most liked, shared and retweeted.

So instead of 17 words:

“Want to Attract More Readers? Here Are 10 Steps How To Write Catchy Headlines And Blog Titles”

Shorten it to 11 words:

“5 Easy Steps to Write Catchy Headlines Your Readers Can’t Resist”


There are many styles and techniques on how to write catchy headlines. If you want to increase more traffic, consider applying SEO keywords. Just always remember that your title represents your content. It shouldn’t fail you!