5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google AdWords Now!

The marketing world has changed dramatically. Before, marketers will conduct house-to-house campaign the whole day to inform about their products and services. Now, you can display your products and services anywhere on the Internet, reaching thousands of people per second.

Google AdWords are among the pioneers of paid online advertising. It will allow you to create and run ads for business in Google’s search results.

Thousands of small, medium and large organizations are grateful for this advertising system, bringing them success.

When used properly, Google AdWords is really an effective marketing tool.

Here are five reasons why you should use Google AdWords now!

AdWords Increases Leads And Customers

Google Analytics is a very effective tool for lead generation. If you set your campaigns properly, it will send extremely targeted leads to your website, opt-in form or other online property.

Google AdWords reaches the people who are searching for what you have to offer. You can also use its keyword suggestion tool to know the amount of traffic for any given keyword.

Through this ad system, you can continually refine your searches to those who want to buy your products and services and send them to your website.

AdWords Is Flexible And Measurable

Any business, small or big, whatever their products and services are, can use Google AdWords as this is an extremely flexible platform.

It also has customizable options that can be used to specific keyword match types and ad extensions. You can also narrow your audience, leverage your display network or gain access to non-search sites.

AdWords is one of the most measurable of online channels. It is more transparent in providing PPC metric that portrays what works and what does not.

AdWords Is Faster Than SEO

AdWords is instant. Unlike SEO, it takes months for you to notice any results, as competitions also strive hard to achieve a high ranking.

Once you start your AdWords campaign, ads will immediately appear and will get instant impressions and clicks.

AdWords Guarantees High Return On Investment

AdWords only asks you to pay for ads people click on. Once you optimize campaigns, you can get a high return on your investments which may be impossible to achieve with other marketing platforms.

You also do not have to waste time and money on finding what’s going to work. AdWords transparency provides you a clearer picture and readily available information that will give you the best results so that you can continue to test and track your campaigns.

When you find the best areas of your campaign, focus your efforts and budget on them to achieve a higher return on investment.

AdWords Traffic Is Better

Organic traffic still remains great. However, there is some evidence that paid search traffic converts better than organic traffic – with up to two times higher conversion rates.

This may be because paid search traffic is more targeted and qualified. However, this does not work in all businesses. Conversion rates vary by industry.


More and more advertisers are using Google AdWords. According to Moz, 80% of search results contain AdWords ad placements. This just means that businesses entrust their success to Google AdWords now…which really actually delivers.