6 Effective Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Checking our email is probably one of the first things we do in the morning. We want to check if we receive emails from our colleagues or even newsletters from our favorite products and service providers.

Email marketing has been seen as an effective tool to reach audiences more personally. Each day, 269 billion emails are sent. 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers use email regularly.

However, we cannot deny that there’s a lot of competition for attention. So, here are 7 steps on how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Create Attractive Optin Forms

We need a list of people on our email list to run a successful email campaign. One of the easiest ways is to generate more attractive optin forms on our site.

Optin forms are being completed by users who acknowledge interest in our products and services. There are different types of optin forms including welcome gates, lightbox popups, and exit-intent popups that are proven effective in grabbing users’ attention.

Build Up An Email List

Apart from subscribers who filled-up optin forms, there are other ways on how to develop a sizeable email list, depending on your online and offline marketing strategies.

Upon building your email list, you need to classify them into multi subgroups according to their personality, interests, and buying behavior, as well as how many times they want to receive newsletters.

Craft Your Subject Line And Copy

The subject line plays a crucial role in email marketing because it gives the impression to readers whether to click and open your email. Make it direct-to-the-point, personalized and engaging.

For the email marketing copy, create a hook that will catch the interest of the reader. Make it personalized by addressing their name. Do not pitch your offer too early. You can delve into them by writing personal stories that they can relate to. Make them want to finish reading everything.

Professional Email Marketing Design

If your email layout and design look terrible, it will reflect your company so bad. Your design is also a factor that will make them stay in your email.

Make it look professional!

Use responsive email templates suitable for phone, tablet, and desktop use.

Get Whitelisted

Use reputable email service to make sure your email lands in their inbox, not the spam.

You can also get whitelisted to ensure that your email gets delivered properly. Getting whitelisted allows you to be marked as a friend, in which you will be added to their address book.

Use Analytics to Make Improvements

A more efficient and cost effective way to know the performance of your email is by using analytics. The three main analytics is the open rate, click through rate and number of unsubscribers.

Through analytics, you can access the number of unopened emails, the percentage of readers going to your offer, and the people who canceled their subscription, among others.


Email marketing is in fact undead. It is thriving to be still one of the most effective marketing tools in the internet world. You just have to be strategic to win the campaign.

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