7 Tips on Doing Guest Posting the Right Way

One of the most efficient ways to increase your blog traffic and grow your community is through guest posting. If you’re trying to increase your rank and step up your blogging game, guest posts should be among of the top must-do goals.

But how can you create an ideal guest post in a field of cluttered guest bloggers? What can you do improve your post and make yourself stand out?

Here are seven tips on doing guest posting the right way.

Tip #1: Research the actual site you’re pitching for

Before you decide to write on the topic you are proposing, take the time to study whether the site has already written or topic or what they lack You can do with this a simple Google search.

Creating content they needed will open more opportunities as no blog will want to publish another post on the same topic we already covered.

Tip #2: Your guest post topic should be unique

The uniqueness of the topic should be the most basic concept that many bloggers seem to forget. Writing a guest post means that you should create content that will inspire the blogger and readers alike. Put time into coming up with a creative angle that hasn’t been written before, or one that is written in a whole new way.

Is your content unique and though provoking? Will it catch the attention of readers who are tired of reading the same thing over and over?

Tip #3: Demonstrate your readership of the blog

While this may sound obvious, you may not believe just how many pitches blogs get from people who didn’t even bother to look at their page. Letting the editor know how often you read the blog will pay out in the end and even put you the lead above everyone else who doesn’t follow the blog.

Tip #4: Write an intriguing introduction

One issue many writers have is taking too long to get to the point of the post. The trick is to pull the readers in as taking too long will lose the reader’s attention.

Tip #5: Aim for long term results

One of the top goals of writing a guest post should be to build traffic and increase the growth of subscribers. Consider the ranking for the keywords phrases included and how they benefit the site.

Tip #6: Make your guest post part of an anchor text strategy

The anchor text strategy (read more here: what is anchor text) is the text you use when linking to a post. The choice of anchor text will play a huge role in search engine rankings.

Tip #7: Make your guest post aimed at newbies

Believe it or not – most readers who actively interact with content, subscribe and buy products are most likely beginners. Create topics that will appeal to new readers.

Have these helpful tips worked for you? Got any more tips for fellow writers who are looking to build fantastic guest posts? Leave a comment below and share your tips with us!