5 Awesome Link Building Strategies for 2017

A solid SEO strategy includes building links that will give your site exactly what the search engine is looking for when it comes to high ranking quality websites. White hat link building is a commonly misunderstood factor in a solid SEO strategy for quality rankings.

For those who are simply looking for the best strategies, here are five awesome link building strategies for 2017.

Create Viral Content

Creating viral content is the process of publishing content that is both shareable and valuable on your website, then sending it on traditional social networks. If you create viral content, others will want to share it and lead to a high amount of backlinks without your involvement.

Write a Guest Post

Guest posting is the process of writing an article that will be submitted on another website that is not yours. Not only will writing a guest post give you access to a new audience, but it will also help you secure valuable backlinks to your site.

To get the most out of this strategy, partner with popular, established blogs and send your best content to their sites. Creating a guest post is mainly about the relationship you build with another site and their loyal audience. It is not a strategy that can be used to send old articles to secure another link.

Build Links through Email

Developing in-content links will play an influential role in the process of link building in 2017. In-content links are the body content that refers to the site’s pages in a process called email link building. This is where you would email potential websites and request that your link is placed on a relevant topic on their page.

Create Infographics

Writers like to share infographics on their site. Infographics are images of characteristic data in an attractive visual image. Take the time to create and develop an interesting infographic that will be likely shared all over the web and result in new links every time your graphic is used and referenced on another site.

Creating an infographic that is worthwhile can take both time and money. However, when the image is done right, the investment will surely pay off regarding some links you will ultimately receive as a result of your distribution.

Analyze Competitor Links

Analyze the links of your competitors by using SEO sites that allow you to view websites that are linking to your competitors’ sites. Viewing your competitors’ backlink profile will give you plenty of ideas for sources that will be useful to your web page as well.


Focus on creating content that is relevant to problems you are trying to solve on your site. Become an expert and dispense quality and valuable information to attract readers and prove your authority with these link building strategies for 2017.

Got any helpful tips to help others create their link building strategies for 2017? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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