7 Tools Every Professional SEO Should Use

Web site owners understand the importance of analyzing your website by using tools that can help build a robust and efficient site. It’s better to use the essential tools that will provide a high return to help analyze your site and how it is doing from time to time.

Here are seven tools every professional SEO should use.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

The online SEO analyzer will allow you to type in your site URL and instantly analyze your site. It is a free and easy to use tool that offers a real insider’s look at how well your site is doing with SEO.

The site also includes the ability to compare your site against others in the same industry. You will be able to gain a better insight of your competition and learn to improve your ranking.

Technical SEO Tools

Setting the foundation of your site is a vital step to reaching the “Nirvana” of optimization. This means you must get to know how the website functions and the issues it may have.


While Woorank appears to be another website analyzer, it does provide necessary insight to generating reports of your site. Woorank would first display a section with the geodata that provides the social shareability. The mobile section is also another feature

Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is the best place to start when you plan on doing keyword research. It provides functionality that focuses on Ad Words generation instead of directly keyword research.

The keyword planner offers a free Ad Words tool to help build new search network campaigns and expand ones that exist. You can see a list of keywords, how they perform, and create a keyword list by multiplying lists of keywords together.

You can use statistics like search volume to help you decide the best keywords and get forecasts of estimated conversions and predicted clicks. The Keyword Planner can provide a great tool that depends on our bid, budget, behavior in the industry, and products that all influence the success of your campaigns.


The primary objective of SEO has to do with knowing the right concepts. MozBar will help you discover the right tools at a glance and generate an instant report on the site you visit. The MozBar tool provides the page elements, link data, and page attributes.

Ranking Tools

Knowing the current rankings of your site is highly relevant as it allows you to keep track of your online marketing strategies. You will determine which strategies work and what doesn’t. Using Ranking tools will help you focus on the efforts of your campaign, build traffic, and maximise the ROI.

Link Building Tools

Google says we shouldn’t focus on link building. However, it still stands as the greatest factors of ranking for SEO sites. Methods of link building in the past are proven to be manipulative while providing the right content will raise awareness of the site and become an authority on the subject matter.

These are just the essential tools that every professional SEO should use. If you have any tools you think are worth mentioning on this list, leave us a comment below.