How to Submit Your Site to Google – The Complete Step-by-Step Submission Guide

So you have got a great site, the user experience is second to none, it is up and running, but search engines have yet to discover and crawl it. If you want to get noticed out there in the world wide web when users search things on search engines such as Google or Bing, your site will have to be indexed in order for crawlers to discover it. In this post we’ll take you through the submission process, step-by-step, so your site will be featured on search engines in no-time!

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Let’s get started with our submission guide and your site featured on Google’s search results pages straight away!


Verifying your site

First and foremost, you need to have your site verified by Google. To do this, you’ll need to take a series of certain steps. Luckily for anyone out there looking to improve their SEO efforts and ranking, Google has a ton of free tools out there to assist you in your venture, every step of the way. So, first things first. Here’s how you get your site verified by Google.

  1. If you haven’t got one, create a Google account and go to the Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Navigate to ‘Add a site’ and select. Simply provide the url of the site you want to verify and select ‘continue.
  3. A page will open displaying a radio button – select it.
  4. While you are on the page, copy the meta tag next to the radio button and open a new tab in your browser.
  5. Now, open up the site you want to submit to Google and have indexed. Select the ‘more actions’ option and select ‘manage site’.
  6. Next, you need to select the ‘general’ option in the tab – this can be located underneath the ‘site settings’ tab.
  7. Remember the meta tag we copied in step 4? Now, you need to paste that meta tag next to ‘Verification’.
  8. Select ‘save changes’, and return to Google’s Webmaster Tools.
  9. Select ‘Verify’. Your site should now be verified by Google.

Now that your site has been verified, you need to submit your sitemap. This is another simple process if you follow our easy to follow instructions below. Please remember that should you run into a snag, Google’s free tools are very user friendly and they even offer very helpful guides, so you’ll never have to go it alone on this! Google’s free tools even include analytics and such, which, once your site has been submitted and indexed, should offer you all the necessary statistics you need to see on users and pageviews.

  1. In Google’s Webmaster tools, select the site you wish to upload the sitemap of to Google.
  2. Next, you need to navigate to ‘site configuration’, and select ‘sitemaps’.
  3. In the top right corner of the page, you will see an ‘Add’ or ‘Test Sitemap’ button. Select that button.
  4. Once you have selected ‘Add sitemap’, you should get an automatic pop-up window, in which you add the following code: /system/feeds/sitemap.
  5. If you have completed steps 1-4 to the tee, you should be able to submit your sitemap.

Once you have submitted your sitemap, your site should go through the process of being crawled by Google’s spiders and it should be indexed and featured on the search engine results page in no-time.

If you find any of these concepts a bit foreign or difficult to follow, there are tons of very helpful resources out there that can shed more light on the importance of having your site submitted and indexed to search engines such as Google. A favourite is of course Neil Patel and These sites are jam-packed with handy tips and guides to get you on your merry way.

We hope you have found our step-by-step guide for getting your website submitted to Google helpful and that your site is now featuring at the very top of search engines. Feel free to share your own experiences or other handy tips with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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