5 Key Differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

The differences between white hat and black hat SEO relates to the techniques that are used to improve the search engine ranking for a website or page.

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is the process of how a site can improve the quality of traffic that enters. The higher ranking the site has, the more visitors the site will gain. SEO helps to determine the ranking based on principles. However, there are differences between white hat and black hat SEO when applying the principles.

So what are the differences? Here are five key differences between white hat and black hat SEO.


White hat SEO refers to the use of practising proper methods to achieve high rankings in the search engine. It conforms to the designs of the search engine without the use of deception. The White hat will comply with all aspects of the search engine guidelines.

However, Black Hat SEO refers to the attempts to improve the rankings in ways that are not entirely approved by search engines. It uses techniques to get search rankings in an inappropriate manner. Black hat SEO goes against the principles of the current guidelines of the search engine.

Features and Techniques

White Hat SEO techniques are used to create content for users rather than search engines. The primary goal is to promote easier accessibility. It focuses on relevance and readable content that is both well-structured and well-written for those who plan to read it.

Black hat SEO techniques to include characteristics that go against the rules and regulations of search engine guidelines. This means that it creates a poor user experience with unethical content is non-visual and visual ways to search engine and human users.


White hat SEO not only follows the SEO guidelines but also aims to ensure that all content that is indexed by search engines is also the same content that users will see. Meanwhile, black hat SEO goes against the approved search engine guidelines.


White hat SEO focuses on building relevant inbound links from only trust sources as well as cross-link pages that are placed internally in areas where claimed appropriate. Black hat SEO includes doorway and cloak pages, keyword stuffing, hidden texts and links, link farming, and comment spam.


Black hat SEO practices may be known to help produce quick results for the page but also has a higher risk of penalty if Google discovers the site breaking the rules. It is a short solution to fixing the long-term issue of building organic search traffic.

With White Hat SEO, the practices may take longer than black hat SEO but will lead to long-term quality results.


SEO is considered to be made up of half art and half science. The wide range of opinions among experts vary, however, most agree that using white hat SEO techniques will take longer to improve search rankings. The combination of good content, appropriate keywords and smart marketing will provide lasting results.

Do you use white hat or black hat SEO for your website or web page? What do you prefer to use? Comment below and let us know what you think!